If you haven’t heard from us after six weeks:

Sorry, we haven't been able to locate your item(s).

The few things that we haven't been able to return after six weeks of trying are disposed of as follows:

  • Unclaimed high value items are handed to the festival organisers to then be handled by the police.
  • Unclaimed phones are cleared of all data before being recycled.
  • Any cash contained in unclaimed wallets, purses etc. is donated to charity.
  • Keys are recycled as scrap metal.
  • Unclaimed Passports, Driving Licenses, and Official ID cards are recorded and returned to the issuing authorities.
  • Unclaimed bank/credit cards are returned to the issuing banks.
  • Other saleable unclaimed items are given to local charity shops or otherwise recycled or destroyed.

PLEASE NOTE: All received items are recorded and kept secure.  Neither Festival Angels or the festival organisers materially benefit from this service.

You can however try some of the resources listed below.