Step two: adding SMS text capabilities – The VodaFone account

SMS will allow the system to contact enquirers when possible matches have been made to lost property enquirers and ask them to come in to make a claim. They can also TXT the system if the item turns up so the system can delete the enquiry from the database.

You’ll need an active  SIM card for the system to send and receive SMS.

We went with a VodaFone PAYG SIM only with the £10 big value bundle that gives:

1GB 4G Data
200 Minutes
Unlimited Texts (This is the key feature for our purposes)
+150 Reward points
The best way to set this up and activate it is to put it in a mobile phone and follow the registration process. (if you have to press the SIM out to use it as a nano sim in the phone, keep the larger bit, you will need it to put the SIM into the USB modem.)
While you have the phone active, activate the answerphone system and record a nice message to say its not possible to make voice calls to this number and give an alternative number they can call.  – Then set options for the answerphone to kick in asap.
Now go to the VodaFone website and set yourself up an account for this number so you can top up online and manage your sim account.
When registering, make sure you include a second mobile number that confirmation codes can be sent to when you login. – Otherwise you won’t be able to access the account to top up.
Once logged in, as well as setting up payment details there are a few adjustments you may want to make.
Under Account Summary > Services and Extras > Bars and data alerts
you can set up various blocks to prevent accidental abuse of the service by e.g.:
  • restricting content downloaded
  • stopping calls and texts when abroad
  • set data limits, etc.

Take the SIM out of your phone and press it back into the larger holder ready to put in the USB modem.

Now see:  Step three: adding SMS text capabilities – The USB modem

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