Lost something at Leedsfest?

We hope you had a great time at LeedsFest. However, if you lost something of value you may not be feeling so good about it..

But there is hope

We are currently trying to return nearly 1,000 items to their rightful owner. If you think one of them could be yours , please read on…

  • If you have already reported the lost item(s) to the Lost Property tent at the festival :
    Great. Please be assured we are doing our utmost to re-unite you with your property but it can take up to six weeks for us to process this property, so do be patient.

If you haven’t heard anything yet. ¬†We will get in touch with you if we have news, but if you submit multiple lost property reports, it will only slow us down and make it less likely we will be able to find your item.

  • If you have just realised something is missing or you didn’t get to report the item:
    Not to worry you can let us know here, but remember that tents, sleeping bags, chairs, etc. left behind are NOT treated as lost property. These are collected and recycled by charities

.Report your loss here

  • If you have a different enquiry, or wish to update us about your lost item
    e.g. you have found it, you have more details that would help us identify it, etc please email lostleedsfest@gmail.com