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About Us

We have been working with Festival Republic since 2013 to provide effective, secure lost property  services at Leeds Festival, which attracts over 90,000 attendees across 5 days each year. 

To date, we have successfully returned over 3,500 items to more than 1700 people.

The amazing success of our service is no doubt due to our team of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly 24/7 throughout the festival, and for more than six weeks afterwards.

We aim to return property to its owner in a very proactive way.  We don't pile found property up and leave it to the owner to contact us, but we use every means possible to track down the owner and return it to them as soon as possible. If we can't do it at the festival we will return it USUALLY FREE by post, afterwards.


Dealing with lost property requires a high level of accountability from our staff, and efficient security measures within the setup. To ensure this, we take up references for all our team, checking particularly on trustworthiness. Movement of items within the lost property tent is monitored by CCTV, and the tent is securely fenced and manned by security staff 24/7.

Our dedicated computer system allows for our team to use any number of workstations to manage both reports of lost property, and records of found property. Possible matches of lost to found and vice versa are automatically flagged up, and an integral text SMS system enables enquirers to be kept updated with possible finds, and means the system can be used even in locations where internet access is slow, intermittent, or non existent.

Backup systems and paper based receipts ensure we keep a secure record of transactions where required, and we comply fully with GDPR regulations. We respect the privacy of enquirers, and all records are securely deleted six weeks after the close of the festival.

We also provide an online portal for each festival which allows people to report lost items from their home after the event.

We are an organisation with a Christian ethos, and we welcome people of all faiths and none to come along and work with us. We do however ask for two important commitments:

  1. A willingness to work within the Christian understanding of love, concern, and care for all people, whatever their background or belief; and
  2. A willingness to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. - This is very important due to the nature of the work involved.

Our Lost Property service is part of the CNI Network (Registered Charity 1136416 and Company Limited by Guarantee 07173090). It it part of the wider Festival Angels Network, which provides support and pastoral services to festival goers across the UK.

For more information about Festival Angels and other services we provide (Detached work, Prayer cafe, etc.) please visit leedsfestivalangels.org.uk